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And He Scores A Triple Play (Act Two)

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After a mournful night of "I'd be better off dead." we are off and at it again this morning. A triple play, no less. Three doctor appointments and blood work. Today. And the dog wakes everyone up at 6am. She will not settle down. So...out the door I go with mutts under each arm and the runner on a leash. Everybody happy now? And fed. OK. That doesn't do diddly squat. Ms. Whirling Dervish is under foot and manic. I'm seriously wondering if this dog needs medication? Great. Schedule an appointment with the vet, too, why don't you? Might as well, just add Emmie the Energizer Dog to my list of doctor appointments. Finally I get her to settle down, the wife goes back to bed and I'm left wondering if going back to work full-time might just be a good thing. As long as work bell rings at 7am I won't have a single problem about getting to work on time. I won't even have to set my alarm clock. I got a dog clock. Hell of a lot more accurate than a Westclock. And she's self-winding.

December 22nd, 2016 15:30
1 comment

That dog of your s must be on Duracell batteries lol, find it s on/ off button :dog:

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