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(I don't ever do this very often but, I'm going to share one of my songs with you, dear reader.)(Oh,,,,Billy ray....please don't rip me off, it IS copyrighted.)

Someone Put a For Sale Sign On the White House Lawn

Just the other day I was drivin' along
And saw a for sale sign on the White House lawn
Sure enough it got sold real quick
and then they tore it down brick by brick

Up went the hotel and the casino floor
Every government office went clear up to the 600th floor
And out there in space blinks a solitary light
You can see where the President sits on a good clear night

Since they closed down the old old buildings and put em up for sale
The Pentagon, The FBI, CIA, every file and every bale
Auctioned off to the highest bidder in bundle and block
Betsy's flag, Lincoln's hat, even the Moon Rock

They swept it all clear and built Government One Plaza way up to the stars
A glittering triumph of function with hot tubs and built in bars
When it could get no higher and it was finally done
They moved the party to Space Force One.

(Refrain) Someone put a for sale sign on the White House lawn
Put up a hotel and now it's all gone.

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