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Midnight Munchies (a Big Nod to thefixer)

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The buddies came over with a sackful of weed
Cleaned all up of the stems and the seeds
The bong a-bubbling with that OG Cheese
And along came the dreaded Midnight Munchies.

First went the Pretzels and the Heineken beer
Then went the jerky,the Cheetoes and the Everclear
That bong kept a-rippin' as we were a-sippin'
Highballs and eightballs and blowin' smoke rings

By morning the cupboard was bare
Nothing left in the sack but a few cat hairs
Blitzed and hungry only roaches were found
Jump in the car/we're Denny's bound

Midnight Munchies
Gotta munch all night
Midnight Munchies
Toke up a number...yeah, that feels alright
Midnight Munchies
We're going to munch all night.

(Fast Texas boogie blues in E----58 bpm)

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