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Four Days Until Surgery

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I have to get the wife to the hospital Wednesday morning at 5am. The heart surgery starts at 7. What an un-godly hour to have to have your chest ripped open, your heart stopped and have someone you've never really met or know all that well jump in there and start tinkering around. Not that my evil blackened-by-smoke-and-sulpher infused heart couldn't use a good cleaning out. I guess when most of your life has been pure hell, the brimstone sort of goes with the territory. But, regardless, I must show a brave face and keep telling myself and the wife that everything is going to be alright. And that little voice in the back saying, "right...with your history of bad luck???" nagging away in the background. And why shouldn't I worry? I could lose the one true love of my life. How ironic is that? Spend nine years with someone you think about every second of the day and then POW! Gone. I think bad luck follows me like a dark cloud sometimes. I even checked the weather for Wednesday....clear and warming up to nearly 50. Just the sort of sunny day that harkens the storms on the horizon.

January 14th, 2017 16:03

You must stay strong and positive my friend. Am sending prayers daily, as you know...keep us posted please!


wishing your wife and you all the good luck. be strong. both of you.


the dark days don't last forever and the golfer will send loads of sunshine your way. :smile:


I'll pray for her & be thinking of u


Will be thinking of you guys tomorrow........Just be careful driving through the ice, it's prolly more hazardous than the surgery she is going to have.....
Crossing my fingers for it to all go smooth.....take your puter and write while you're there.


How's your wife?

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