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The Icy Free Pass Skating Doggie Day

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Woke up this morning to an ice storm. Oh, isn't that nice? My wooden porch and steps going outside have become a toboggan run for the Olympic Winter Games. Holy crap oleo and poop butter! I went out for a smoke and about needed traction afterwards. So....guess what? The dogs get a free pass day to poop and pee anywhere in the house. No way is daddy lugging three dogs(OK one is on a leash...), one of whom is blind and a bit of a squiggle worm. Mykie? He could care less, he hasn't had a trim in months and has a pretty thick coat and the cold doesn't seem to matter to him. He just does his business and it's time to go. Blind girl, on the other hand...... don't turn your back for a moment. And if you think for one minute I'm chasing a blind dog across the backyard in this hmmm.....not happening, honey. Let em pee freely and dump to their delight. I just stocked up on paper towels, anyway. Aren't I so smart?

January 16th, 2017 23:26
1 comment

I think you should let them out on their own......They are not gonna stay out in that ice for the fun of it.....We lived through one of those once, it looked like a faerie tale land but i would not want to experience it ever again ........dangerous and destructive.
Stay safe Mark.

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