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Just Hours To Go

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Can't sleep right now. Neither one of us. The hour is growing closer. In eight hours they will be taking Donna into the surgical ward and opening her chest up. Her heart will be stopped, a heart and lung machine will be all that keeps her alive until they finish. And they expect you to be able to sleep before all this? Not likely. The kid is visiting for the occasion but, I think she's more interested in going to GameStop and Tasty Tacos than spending time with her mother. And with her backasswards schedule, she went to bed shortly after arriving. She's still asleep. Looks like she's the only one who can right now. So, I guess I shouldn't knock it. I wish I could just turn off my brain and not turn it back on again until it's time to leave in the morning. Not much sense in trying to sleep right now...I have to be back up at 3:30am to help her get ready to leave. She won't be out of surgery until close to one or two in the afternoon, they set aside a five and half hour block of time. This is going to be a long, long day I fear.

January 18th, 2017 06:09

sending love and prayers and hope my dear friend...God bless you both.


Thinking of you both hun hugssssssss

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