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Donna Comes Home

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She's resting right now. They released her around 1 this afternoon. She's had a couple bad nights with no sleep and the meds are still making her hallucinate and have strange dreams. When she closes her eyes she can see things, fireplaces,people, kids, a dog on a beach...all sorts of strange things. I suppose that's better than having imaginary phone conversations and getting hung up on and asking the nurse to re-dial the number for you..."Uh, Ma''re not holding a phone." Of course, being blonde, this does not seem strange to me at all. I always knew she was a little loopy to begin with. It's what makes our lives so interesting, after all. Anyway, she is doing just fine, very little pain (but lots of drug-induced trips)and the kidneys are OK>no further damage was done. All I know is that I am damn happy to have my wife home now. Of course, doggie kisses came before daddy kisses. I know the pecking order around here.......

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is that ever awesome and you can play maid and butler for awhile. :ok:


Play? shoot...I do that all day well as chef, bottle washer, personal manservant, and chauffeur. Oh yes...and doggie sitter/walker. Miserable @@#@@#!!@#@@!!! dogs! :dog: :dog: :dog:


Aw, GREAT NEWS, indeed!! SO happy to read this! Here's to her feeling better and better VERY quickly!!! :buntelinie:


ohhh thats great news hun and so glad to read her kidneys are doing good as well, amazing recovery, sounds like your going to have your hands full lol


So glad she is recovering in good hands!

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