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Your Next Challenge

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You have the ability to travel into the past. But, you have only two options to choose from. You can go back, meet your younger self when you were twelve years old and tell yourself what to do and not to do OR... you can go back and NOT meet your younger self but you can set up a trust fund for five million dollars to be given to yourself upon reaching age 21. Which would you choose to do and why? Think this over carefully and explain how it would affect your life and/or change the direction of your fate.

January 24th, 2017 15:40

Because I know myself so very well, I definately would NOT give myself five mill to have at 21! That has bad idea written all over it. it would be gone in three years, at most. Not spent on drugs or Hookers, but on books, Star Wars, Star Trek stuff / toys. So option A, meeting myself at 12, and telling myself to study, stay in school, go to college and save money like crazy; cos it's all gonna go by in eye blinks and there you will be, lil Aaron, broke, fat, toothless living with your Mother and being a hell of a burden at 47!


oooops, i ll try again.... this is a toughie, not much point in going back and telling my 12 yr old me anything, i never listened to any advice... still dont lol as for setting up a trust fund up for when i hit 21 hmmmmmmm, not a good idea id ve just gone wild (wilder) and chances are i would nt have had my kids and all the joy they ve brought me, can we have a third option???can i just give me the 5 million (pounds please not dollars) now ?? i could give up work, help the kids out and live a life of luxury...... just a thought lol


For me ......... neither. I like who I am now, and if I was to change my fate at 12, I wouldn't have the people in my life I do now. No ya, neither :)


for once...a smart answer...thank you Sassy, tinkering around with the past can have many downfalls.

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