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Its a dogs life

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Man I love being what I am. I can go and poo where ever i like
I can pee up a tree when it suits me and chase a policeman on his bike!
I can sniff around. rub my bum along the ground, and roll around in the dirt.
I can get hair everywhere without a care and sniff up a ladies skirt!
I can sleep all day, not care what they say and when they eat I just sit there and stare.
I can scoff myself silly, lick my own Willy and do a smelly fart when the vicar is there!
I can do a good trick, called fetching a stick, I can sit up and beg,
I can bark for no reason, chase a bitch that’s in season and bite the postmans leg!
I never have to get wed, can sleep in the masters bed, when he goes to work I can get in with his wife,
I can run around free, now listen to me , it’s really great having a dog’s life!!

January 15th, 2017 23:13
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