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love, emotion , feeling , devotion those were the words written outside the temple. The monk was giving a lecture on his experiences in life. Many of the people who were there agreed that the mind can be a dangerous thing for man. They cited depression , psychopathy , suicide, hatred, basically most vices related to disturbed minds. One person asked the monk : Why have a mind then if it's so detrimental for mankind?, to what the monk replied, to help others. Sometimes there are events that we can't explain or events that we can prevent but couldn't . All basically going back choices, choices we make which can be right or wrong subjectively. i think that the only way for a wrong choice to turn into a positive one is by sharing it and helping others no to make the choice and or move on.

October 3rd, 2016 04:56
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Sharing can make a grey sky turn blue, bring joy where there was sorrow, introduce light into a place of darkness.

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