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August 28th, 2016

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I left this place without a trace
The man of "charm" without a face.

Was time to leave, enjoy my life
This place was sad, was full of strife.

I hope you all are doing fine
Do smell the rose, do drink the wine.

Am glad I got to know you all
We had good times, we had a ball.

For those who trolled here day by day
I hope for you life got OK.

For special friends I did do meet
I hope for you that life is sweet.

Am sorry for the one's I pained
Was not intent to be so lame.

I hope you will forgive me so
Another reason I did go.

For those who may read this someday
We all "live' life, then go away.

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Waves furiously........... :halloha:


returns the furious wave :halloha: with affection.


this is the nicest poem i ever read - you got it all to the point.


You were missed!

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