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obesity and eatng disorders

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it is much more common in adolescents, being the second most common chronic condition after asthma.
it is due to misinterpretation of healthy eating and engaging unhealthy eating behaviors such as skipping meals and using fad diets in attempt to be healthier .
high risk group includes those with :
*severe dietary restriction
*skipping of meals to lose weight

  • prolonged periods of starvation
  • self_induced vomiting
  • use of laxative or diuretics or diet pills
  • compulsive exercise
  • social isolation , irritability , profound fear of gaining weight , body image distortion
    clinically we can notice this :
  • Rapid weight loss
  • falling of BMI
  • amenorrhea in girls
  • bradycardia
  • hypotension
  • hypothermia
  • orthostasis
    usually family has a big role in solving it :)
    parents shouldn't be blamed
    parents are essential for the therapeutic success
    parents are responsible for weight restoration
    then comes the role of the physician
    • acts a s a consultant for parents and therapists
    • explain the medical seriousness
    • monitor and manage the medical status of the adolescent
    • empower the parents in decision making
    • communicate with the patient and the family
      then these should be followed
      1- discourage dieting , skipping of meals
      2- promote a positive body image among adolescent
      3- physical activities and healthy ways of diet
      4- encourage more frequent family meals
      5- carefully monitoring weight loss in an adolescent who needs to lose weight
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