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death in young atheletes

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HOCM (Hypertrophic Obstructive CardioMyopathy)

  • this is one of the congenital deformities in the heart
    *usually it is autosomal dominant so once you diagnose it you must screen other family members :/
    • it is a thickening in interventricular septum leading to a picture of aortic stenosis and ventricular outflow tract obstruction
    • if severe it may lead to Mitral regurge
      1- usually chest pain and dyspnea on effort ( due to aortic stenosis )
      2- syncope commonly with exertion , ventricular arrhythmia :)
      3- ( IT IS THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF SUDDEN DEATH IN YOUNG ATHELETES ) usually following after vigorous physical activity :)
    • on Examination :
      1- jerky carotid pulse
      2- palpable 4th heart sound
      3- left ventricular hypertrophy
      4- murmur of Mitral incompetence and Aortic stenosis
      **Investigations :
      1- usually Echocardiography and ECG are diagnostic
    • treatment :
      1-avoid vigorous exertion is a MUST
      2- beta blockers and verapamil to decrease outflow obstruction
      3- surgery (myomectomy)
      note that digitalis is not used as it may lead to increase obstruction
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