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Febrile convulsions in infants and children

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if your infant or child is expecting a convulsion you have to know that the most common cause of convulsions in infants and children is febrile convulsions

    • it is benign convulsions that require no investigation :)
    • the diagnostic criteria for febrile convulsions include :
      1- age of the child or the infant between 3 months up to 6 years (peak age is 14 : 18 months )
      2- there must be fever which is high ( up to 40 ) and rapidly rising due to extracranial infection :)
      3- these convulsions are generalized with short duration from seconds to 10 minutes that can be stopped by decreasing fever :) it is usually one attack per fever

    • so if your baby is suffering from this you don't need to worry
    • when to worry and seek medical advice?
      1- prolonged attack of convulsion
      2-positive family history of epilepsy
      3- age is below i year
      4- neurological manifestations after the seizures subside

    • the treatment is mainly directed to control fever
      but as any convulsion if the baby is convulsing now and you are in hospital , anticonvulsants will be used
      long term treatment is by diazepam each time the child is febrile to prevent the attack ( diazepam used only for 2:3 days till fever and course of disease subsides )
October 2nd, 2016 23:46

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