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February 16th, 2017

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Ignorince is bliss
In Egyptian hermeticism there is a saying "ignorance is evil"
Evil indeed.
Also human nature??? More like social programming. I think of it as humans are in a way biological computers. Culture is the operating system. So our actions and thoughts are symptoms of a pretty sick ignorant culture. Full of bugs XD
Idk. I really don't

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Remember always... not knowing is the greatest knowing and ignorance is bliss. The sage again becomes ignorant like a child. he unlearns all that life forces one to learn he effaces it all he wipes off the whole tape he becomes clean of knowledge and at that very moment when he is utterly clean of knowledge, knowledge. happens... that knowledge is known as MAHAPRAGYA the great wisdom. IGNORANCE is blissful because in it one is not aware of any problem. But one is not aware of the blissfulness either. It is a bliss such as when you are in a deep sleep. No suffering is there no anxiety is there because no problems are possible when you are asleep. With knowledge one begins to be aware of many problems and much suffering happens. This suffering will remain unless one transcends knowledge also...God Bless


I agree with what you're saying to an extent. Albeit I think this qualifies with the knowledge of the self. The inner world so to speak. Destructing yourself to be a conduit of your higher self. I was referring more to the exterior world. Which exists objectively. To turn a blind eye to what's going on in the exterior world not only propagates the deterioration of our existence, it also gives the reins of power with those who know how to exercise it. I guess I'm referring to natural law.
Also thanks for your input :)


This is a very thoughtful conversation

I would agree that, "Ignorance Is Bliss" is referring to the comfort-space of not looking or seeing the troubles or wrongs around us, which in my view is a negative - this is the way that phrase has been used in my tiny field of experience

However I can see a point that oceano is making as well, in that before we can learn we need to have "room" to learn, or make room to learn, by accepting we do not know enough or that we know very, very little. How can we learn when we think we already, "know?"

There is a lure in the idea of oblivion - but life, all around us, in us, our cells, the stars, grass, bacteria... Life is active, not passive. Seeking knowledge requires us to be awake and aware... Life will happen around us, actively, with or without our conscious participation

...but I do not claim to hold, "The" truth - the words in the blog and replies here just provoked thoughts and I am grateful


Also human nature??? More like social programming.

Sorry - a second thought, wow this is 2 in one night! Have a look on Youtube at the vids about "Bystander Syndrome" and "Bystander Effect" (and the interest in this was really sparked by the tragedy of Kitty Genovese) it is something that may tie-in with your questioning here

Also, Migram's "Obedience To Authority" Experiment, and the Stanford Prison Experiment (avoid the movie that claims to be about it, just a documentary is relevant)

All 3 of these things, for me, tie-in closely with the lines of thought you are pursuing here... You may already know them but I thought I would add...


Oh boy so much! I'm sure my response will be as jumbled as my thoughts are on a daily basis.
But the first thing that came to mind is the macrocosm and the microcosm. On the macro scale "ignorance" is a way to emancipate yourself from the collective group think. While on the macro side I think it tends to be malevolent. Are there truths on this scale? Astrology, current patters of the ocean, great migrations of animals?I.e laws of physics. Which we don't fully understand. Also language is a great barrier for explaining these kind of things. Also on the macro scale truth can appear in different ways depending on our direct experience. I don't know it's such a thing to wrap your mind around.
And I've researched Migram's and The SPE. I've yet to look into Kitty Genevose. Ah My love for youtube is undying. Looking now :)


Oh so much we do not understand - Un-jumbling is a Human pursuit that no technology can "fix"

"Truth"... as in, "The Truth" as opposed to, "My Truth" is a huge topic.

What colour is this emoji? :langhaar: I say Greeen. Why? Because I have been taught this is Green. You may say Green too for the same reasons. But are we seeing the same Green? How do we know? If somebody sees it as Blue are they wrong? What if the thing I have been taught is Green is actually Blue, but I call it Green... Does that mean you have got it wrong too? Or are we both calling the same thing different names or different things the same names?

Hahaha - Macro and Micro indeed.

lol I love this stuff.

Maybe all we can do, is find a personal, individual balance, between the Macro and Micro - between "My Truth" and "The Truth" - and maybe that is an essential part of being Human.

Yes Bystander Syndrome I think fits into this question and I will be very interested to read if it provokes further thought on your topic.


O so much we yet to understand!
Yes the dilemma of "truth" and "my truth"
And to answer the green question!
That is something that has me baffled. As I interact with society I wonder if the things I see are cohesive with the collective, and vise versa. Green is just a word that encapsulates a natural phenomenon. So what I see as green is green, if someone else sees something else. I would love to know their reasoning behind it and share mine as well :)
Yes balance, existing in cocoon that lies between the yin and the yang. To find cohesiveness, well that's what I'm trying to do!
Also I looked in the the bystander syndrome I need a lot of time to think about it hehee


Bystander - it is food for thought, isn't it!

I too would love to hear others' thoughts on these topics and ideas.

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