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It does nt rain but it pours.....

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Ok another haphazard blog... those that read my er er wittering on know about the on going saga with the old dear and the carers( read last blog for more info if not :lach: ) anywayyyy kinda got the hang of her... to be honest i just nod and say ' awww' in hopefuly the right places...... going by the looks she s giving me i m not doing it right but hey ho she s gone in another week :jawdrop:
In between all this i m getting a new kitchen fitted :banana: its only taken my landlord 3 yrs since i had the ' kitchen fire' ( i m in a government house... kinda speaks for itself :gemein: ) but its been a nightmare, i cant fault the workers theyre doing a sterling job, its been stripped , re wired, plastered, units are up just waiting for tiling, floors sealed (!!) and the decorating to be done and its all mine again... roll on next friday lol, the nightmare has been having my kitchen in my sitting room.. i ve got a microwave, does anyone actually live on microwave meals ?????? you do??? how could you :kotz: lol, they gave me a 2 ringed hob but to be honest it would ve been quicker to cook over 2 candles :uglybirthday: < minus the flower and add another candle :lol: i did think of doing this but knowing my reputation of cocking things up i d end up with another fire and to be honest its not worth it, my young fella s not long decorated my sitting room :ok: the best bit about this is that my fridge freezer is now in my sitting room... see how lazy i m going to be over the weekend
Anyway to get to the point of this blog i got a phone call from the tax man today :wallbash: he was asking why i d not 'ticked' some box to get single parent credit.. i said well i d ticked that box for years and never got anything and now i m not really a 'single mum anymore as my youngest is working i did nt see the point , he asked me was i sure i d not got the credit, i replied well i m quite sure id ve rememberd getting a 500 cheque through the post.. so no ,
Anyway to cut a long story short (OMG.... i now sound like the carer here :heul: ) i m going to be getting a tax bill for 500, i laughed and said well you ll be getting it back at a fiver (5) a week , he said that might not be acceptable i said well i m sorry i ve 2 words for you ( nooooo not fk off, i m to polite for that lol ) blood and stone says me, he replied well you ll have untill January to start paying... ohhh whoopdedoody... i m fk sure i m not nearly giving up smoking to save my money to give the Tax man :irre:

September 16th, 2016 16:11

Awwww your not alone Irene! Stay strong!https://youtu.be/MbQiVQuiu04 the beatles understand!


Well, hon that sucks


Awww not the beatles Whacker...*whispers in your shell like ear " i dont like the beatles" lol i really dont sorryyyyyy but tytyty for the thought, a bit of appropriate Floyd wont go a miss though :)
lol the way things are going here HandDown even wine s not helping................ohh look, more wine :irre:


i knew you weren't hun...it just semed soooo fitting...wine?


lol tytyty kind sir i ll have a bucket full if you dont mind * grumbles, being my luck there s gonna be a hole in that bucket .... thanks though hun :umarm3:


pip pip!

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