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December 13th, 2016

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went food shopping today youngest took me into the big Tesco s in town, i told him how much we had to spend so to fill the trolley up, now i m always on a budget, always have been so after piling the trolley up youngest says ' you sure your going to have enough' i piles in 4 bottles of wine and says ' that should do it ' lol gets to the counter and as i always do i was adding up as i emptied the trolley, youngest says ' we over the limit then ? '... ' nope' says me ' lets go round again; now the woman cashier must ve heard me, i explained how i always added the goods up, my worst fear is of never having enough money.. bless her she offered me a box to hold my 4 bottles of wine' ohhhhhh look' says me to the youngest ' were under budget and that box is meant to hold 6 bottles of wine, quick go get 2 more bottles ' the cashier laughing says ' yes quick... go get 2 more' youngest trots off shaking his head and laughing
sometimes i just love shopping :irre:

December 13th, 2016 22:50

Thats a hoot! Love those friendly check out girls!


Omg bestie I'd love to shop with you and I hate shopping but you'd make it fun xx


sounds like a party at your place with 2 extra bottles. :prost:


I ll bring straws


i swear knottedfool its her fault i ve extra wine for over Christmas lol :prost:
only food shopping Goonerrog, any other shopping bores me to tears :gaehn:
you d always be welcome to a party at mine golfer :banana: and you ll BYOW Whtsxrl24 tyvm :lach:


:kaffee: <<<< the golfer will bring timmies. :zwinker:



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