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Anddddd this is why this woman is a bad influence !!!

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Phunky~Purpy: ffunnysweetsinlush: now imagine someone running over Frosty and his remnants are flung up at ya
[rhinno has left the room.]
[lovebird1234 has left the room (logout).]
ffunnysweetsinlush: i d end up with a carrot in my eye Phunky~Purpy lol
Phunky~Purpy: lol ffunnysweetsinlush that not his carrot!
[BeautifulMind has entered the room.]
[Louanne has entered the room.]
ffunnysweetsinlush: lmfaooooooo Phunky~Purpy i nearly spat wine there lmaooo
Phunky~Purpy: lmaoooooooooooooooooooo ffunnysweetsinlush

December 24th, 2016 13:53


Phunky~Purpy: should be easy to get out once Frosty so called nose defrosts lol ffunnysweetsinlush
Phantasm: Thanks convivitor
DodgySocket: G'day Convivitor , season's greetings
beretlover: hey Phunky~Purpy *waves
DogmaC: squishes beretlover happy holidays to you
Phunky~Purpy: hey beretlover
[Phantasm has left the room.]
Convivitor: almost time there isn't it DodgySocket ?
ffunnysweetsinlush: depends on the size of it Phunky~Purpy


lmfaoooo nice comeback lolol

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