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October 2nd, 2016

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“No one is good.”

Such a relief after hearing this, though heard it many many times. but the effect of the saying has been got only this moment.
It doesn't mean that as bad ones we can't do good things. But a reminder for us to forget the little that we have done.
Guess a real good one has no need to do nice thing lol
Such a pity that that can't be proved.. Fair enough.

October 2nd, 2016 21:12

Define good, a good person, I believe it's enough be not harmful, against other people and society
It's a low expectation for human beings I know, but it's not anyone's judge to scale how good or how bad a person's mind or inside or nature is. When he/she act or react not be harmful then he/she is good. But good enough for society? It's not our call.
Again it might a bit low expectations but face it, look around, it is fair!


a general saying tends to come from a concrete situation.
if the situation hasn't been revealed, none would know the exact reason.
hence some saying has gained wide understandings as if it fits many cases.
this must be one of the fascinations of words.

but the key point of the above words is Relief.
then Relief from what?

when we think ourselves deserved to obtain something
and can't get it easily, the feeling might be terrible.
but if we think we haven't become good enough for getting it,
the degree of pain might be declined


It is a relief I believe and scary at the time.
It's scary for me not to care enough after the relief


what might be scary in here? have no idea
seems all stuffs can be remade into scary by you.
a totally unknown area for me


Not be be care enough
Relief might, might decrease paying attention to being good


Not to be*

on's different feelings
before relief, the desire for obtaining dominanted mainly
after it, the patience and effort would do more
though swinging can't be avoided


I agree, I didn't say it will cause less paying attention, I said it might
And in that case you mentioned we're at the same page


Might is a flexible word as Fox lol


It's its nature, it also might(!) stop being dogmatic


Lol btw


no objection lol

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