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Sharing is great

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Put the ego of yours aside. Empty your mind. Let the flow work it's way. Then things might be different. So different sometimes that you couldn't have just imagined.
Then the small things in your daily life would count. They would bring you joy, happiness and meaning that's been difened only by yourself, but anyone else.

Mind is fascinating.
Helping others to comb their mind explicit is fascinating.
Then seening the satisfacting smile from their heart is fascinating as well.

This moment the significance of being a tube to transform the energy from the nature has become clear.
It's the Mother Nature to work through you, but yourself.
You can do nothing unless you have got ready for it.

October 8th, 2016 13:16

I'm glad you ARE happy :)


Thank you for sharing the Best of Mother Nature :)




Yup..Your being glad for my being happy is kinda sharing, isn't it?

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