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Oh Life again..

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You fear to lose, you'd lose the fast.

Life's the best player of trick on the surface knowing always where's the weakness of yours and would have no mercy on you when you have no realization of it or when you get proud of what you have reached.

Life's the cruelest hitter seemingly getting jealous of your feeling cool by whatever makes you do so. It would beat you down with the most unexpecting way that you only get shocked with no according reaction.

Life's such a sophisticated thing that we can love the most and hate the most as well. And the more we wanna be a winner, the less chance we'll be getting.

"Go your way. Forget about pleasing others unless it's the genuine feeling that has you to do so."
--This is what I'm hearing from Life at the moment and it makes me feel so right about it.

I go surrounding in front of It--the best teacher of all and the best method for Mother Nature to be used.
We're made by some unknown power. Before we have found the reason why we're here, playing with Life must be the best way for this one way journey.

Vanity is worthless.
Imagination is harmful.
We can go further only when we have no such burnen on the shoulders.
Yes, we need to load it down. We must.

Now I understand what does Being Simple really mean.

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