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What should we adapt to?

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"A wise man adapts himself to circumstances as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it."

People love to talk about adapting to circumstances and seems not many have thought about the other meaning of it. Or it's just because of the limist of mine that i have no chances to read about the else meaning.

Here's the opinion of mine about it.
An invironment can be divided by two types, mainly good or mainly bad.
For the former one, it would be natural and normal for people to get adapted to it. But for the latter adapting to it might mean to lose the basic principle of being human. In such situation life may only mean surviving, but anything else. Not hard to imagine what people may become when they live for nothing else, but only surviving. Life can be a real curse if this happens. Think I wouldn't choose to live like this. Then what to do?

For being a person with conscience and for living not too far away from the principle, I've chosen the other way of adapting to the environment. It's to cultivate the ability of mine to resisting the pressure that comes from it where the rule is totally different from the one that's been used in a mainly good invironment.

One sentence can be exactly explained by two ways.

How dared I to do so?
I pray..

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