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She is a recognized goddess,
And he’s just a rogue in the eyes of his friends.
She met him in high school,
She sat in the first row for granted,
And he sat in the last row,
Because it is convenient to play mobile phone to sleep.
Once she was late for school,
There’s only one seat next to him.
Think of her,
Or sit down.
Later stories like you and I expected,
He was attracted to her,
And she’s keeping her manners at the same time,
Avoiding his affection.
The day after class,
He’s with her.
It’s for her,
Is a frequent occurrence,
As usual,
Politely refused.
He found her school,
Every day after school, waiting for her at the school gate.
He found the milk tea shop she liked,
She ran to wait for her at noon.
He found her address,
Get up early every day, waiting for her to go out.
She was scared,
And began to hide from him,
But he didn’t care,
Just to be able to look at her,
Will be content.
College entrance examination results came out that day,
She screwed up,
A man at home crying sad.
He called out her name at her home.
"Don’t cry, come out to play"
She pushed open the window,
He saw a face gelasmus,
Suddenly a warm heart,
I don’t know which nerve was touched,
Laugh with tears.
He accompanied her to repeat a year,
Together admitted to the ideal school.
He is no longer fun,
Seriously learn to rise,
Won an award for a year more than a year,
Until graduation year,
Rely on the support of the home to start a business,
Business is getting bigger and bigger,
Three years had to do the scale of thousands of people
At last he was worthy of her.
But she broke up with her.
She cried so well,
Because you lose completely.
He will give up,
Watch him play basketball,
Go shopping together to eat and watch movies,
To help him carry their own luggage wipe,
Kissing in the dormitory downstairs,
Help him with rice,
Accompany him to stay up late,
Accompany him to participate in the competition,
Eyes with tears on the podium to see him,
To open the room always on tenterhooks,
Cook for him,
Encourage him when he is depressed,
Live with him.
She did all that she could,
But suddenly he lost him.
"How do you play the game ah!"
"You call me."
"Why are you in the first row?"
"Hey, next to the beauty of high efficiency."
"Can you bring your own pen ah, how old to borrow my!"
"Because you can’t buy the same style as you."
"What are you going to say?""
"Not what, do my girlfriend."
"I don’t want to fall in love!"
"Then I’ll wait until you want."."
"Could you please don’t follow me!"
"Afraid that you are in danger, no one will protect you."
"Don’t you follow me, I beg you!"
"Well, then I can see you far away."
"Where are we going to play?"
"And I’ll tell you again."
"You hold my hand is not hot?"
"Hot, but I just don’t let go, afraid you fly away."
"We’re all on the test!"
"To celebrate and kiss me."
"It doesn’t sink, it is much lighter than you."
"Don’t get up, go to sleep!"
"Anyway, you don’t want to sleep, in the society."
"National first prize!"
"Well, please, I will eat you tonight."."
"Hush, pain."
"Look at your wife."!"
"Ah, the dark."
"No problem, and then insist that there will be a certain order"
"How to drink it like this!"
"I’m fine."
"Can you come back early!"
"Make money to buy clothes for his wife."
"You say it again!"
"Let’s break up."
Her eight years here,
His eight year is also.
These eight years.
She never studied makeup,
She doesn’t care about clothes,
She is no longer so slim,
Her skin is no longer so tender,
She was aware of this,
She slowly lost confidence,
She got jealous,
She’s going to see him every text message,
She was in a hurry to make a marriage to him.
And he.
That doesn’t like her make-up,
Don’t abandon her clothes he has become in the past.
The day after her,
Buy snacks for her to feed her fat, he has become the past.
That for her to obey in every way,
He has become the past, sacrificing all personal space.
She gave everything she had to give,
And he’s getting better for her,
Become an entrepreneur from a rogue.
And she was standing still.
She didn’t do anything for herself.
She forgot how to be herself,
How to do that myself let him yearn day and night.
She and her bestie said,
Men are ungrateful,
Eight years of feeling,
When the mind unexpectedly also said points.
The time has passed four years,
She’s the middle of a foreign enterprise,
The body has been restored,
His temperament is fascinating.
Fight the dark inside and outside the company,
How many people to chase her,
She never did it again.
She’s going to go abroad,
To go to the company’s overseas office.
The day before the mid autumn festival,
Bestie said the mood is not good,
About her private movie,
She didn’t want to,
Schedule an appointment.
The screen is dark,
When light up,
It’s her picture.
From thirteen years ago,
She’s on the way to school,
He stole her,
To twelve years ago,
He and her group photo,
He took a picture of her,
To break up four years ago,
Every place she went,
He stole her.
He silently accompanied her to become better.
When she could not find work resumes indiscriminately,
He’s been playing for a foreign company.

The 16 year old that you love the person, he is still in it?

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