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Watermelon has a friend called pomegranate, everyone called her pomegranate elder sister. Don’t take her and the drama of the pomegranate pomegranate from the condemnation, "the four seasons such as spring" Yunnan Kunming. Skinny capable, elegant temperament, not only beauty heart good, ability is very prominent. 27 years old, has been a company’s sales director. An accident, I saw the company downstairs to Beijing on a business trip to her, when she was waiting for the watermelon. Far from looking at the past, a little Qi Wei feeling.
Always think this woman is most lofty indifference towards the feelings. Indeed, 27 years old, not high not low age, pomegranate has not been in love once. Mainly because no suitable, simply pick. To this end, also broken heart of the watermelon, Gesanchawu to her to arrange. From the white coat of young doctors to the lawyer to gentle in Western dress and leather shoes, downstairs security handsome brother, all walks of life Nothing is too strange. no one, but got into the pomegranate eye. Watermelon angrily: "you actually ask geological parties to find what kind of? Say it out, I help you to pick out the conditions one by one!"
Pomegranate elder sister special calm and said: "in fact, I do not ask for much, first of all, he must have motivated. Secondly, he is not taller than me. In addition, to be romantic and interesting, I hate the most boring person. In the end, it’s best to be in Taurus. Who let me is a Virgo, I must have only been able to bear the taurus."
Watermelon thought: but also a romantic and fun to be honest and reliable Taurus, where I go to give you to change such a person? Also said that they do not require much.
Of course, watermelon certainly did not dare to speak out the truth, who let oneself the words too full, chest beat too fast. Can not find also have to change out.
During that time, watermelon in addition to help me sort out the manuscript, reply message, the most visited every day is dating dating sites. From time to time to send a few photos, let me help reference. In her like a raging fire can not extricate themselves immersed in their own world matchmaker matchmaker, pomegranate midnight today, made a farewell single notice. Notice as follows: "I, pomegranate, 27 years old, was nowhere to be found." With two hands clasped photos.
Watermelon is the news blow to pomegranate general turmoil, overnight call to ask. Who knows the past always is busy, and most love to love.
Second days, watermelon with a heavy black eye to work, turn right into the room I pulled out of the gossip talk last night. I saw her pomegranate and watermelon chats turned out to me, dense words, visible last night, two people talked more thoroughly. But I was first attracted by the inclusion of a photo. The picture is a no matter or temperament very ordinary man, is the kind Mandaijie everywhere a passer-by yibingding. I quickly pointed to the photo and asked the watermelon: "this person?"
I like watermelon and expression: "yes, this man ah."
This...... Also too...... Common point bar. I also thought it was a big guy, you can instantly conquer the heart of your pomegranate sister!"
I heard such a talk, watermelon also became indignant.
"That’s it."! I want to give her every day looking for those men, which is not better than this? You said, why did she find a way?"
When we do not understand a person’s premise, often through the appearance to judge his good and bad. This appearance is ordinary, without the makings of a man, go with our beautiful and elegant, intellectual and generous pomegranate elder sister? That’s too much. The two men are obviously not a style.
Then let me see their watermelon chats, from between the lines I can see that pomegranate is not meant to play. It turned out that the boy is pomegranate elder sister’s neighbor, two people living next door has two years time, but never said a word. Don’t talk again, even if it is missing, pomegranate also don’t remember him.
There are days in the middle of the night, pomegranate elder sister home late, take a bath to wash in the middle of the water heater burst out of a bad situation, the cold water does not say, but also off the. She came out in anger, called the property, found that the property has long been a break. Looked at the bathroom floor of the water more and more, the neighbor’s neighbors will not estimate a few minutes will come to knock on the door. No way, only their own repair. Pomegranate elder sister wearing a raincoat on the rush to the bathroom. And the water heater fought ten minutes, no fruit. Seems the action is too big, let a male neighbor heard. The doorbell rang, neighbor male hero to success. Not only the deft hands repaired the water heater, also takes care to help her to take care of the bathroom clean. Can be regarded as a good man at home. In order to thank, pomegranate left his phone, said another day to invite him to dinner.
Neighbor male shy to say that you do not have to be polite, so pomegranate sister is a little embarrassed to get up. From that day, two people communication becomes more, go out to work together, and talked too much. Pomegranate elder sister found this man seems to be boring, but in reality is a game designer, his mind from time to time there will be a lot of fresh and interesting things to come out. The key is not exaggerated, not greasy, we gave a lot of warm moments of pomegranate.
Be sure to be together, of course, is a neighbor man to express, sincere and don’t lose romance. A moment to break through the heart of pomegranate sister set up the line of defense.
See the pomegranate text it lightly, but there must be a good person to understand the details of the two. This kind of detail is invisible to outsiders, outsiders can only judge from the surface is not tortuous, and really go through the feelings of the people have enough qualifications to say. I called and watermelon do not understand and do not understand, and that is the pomegranate worth, it is what we think of things. Son of the fish, the fish is known to the music? In the world of love, there is no match or not, as long as you meet the right person, he is a king or a beggar, as long as that person is right.
Suddenly think of the next music editor group of the willow sister. When I first came to the company, we had a few contacts. Every time I chat, the three sentence is not from her home. Her male god is said to be with the famous circle of God, micro-blog just send a, is forwarded by a variety of thousands. Treat him as their own life of the woman is much more beyond count. The younger sister is one of them. She looks to God, from the far south to Beijing, with a non own professional duties, is the hope that some day in the future can from a little closer to god.
The 24 year old Liu’s life, but also a love never talked about. A pure glass heart is all tied up in the body of God. I asked her: "you don’t want to find a boyfriend in reality?" She replied firmly: "I will not! He vowed not to marry men of God in this present life." Yes, she said that her family, both male and female, are all aspects of her dream.
Later, I advised her: "the male god is only you live in the two dimension of a thought. You see that you have never seen him, let alone know him, and live with him."
When she calmed down, she would say, "well, I want to find a man who is exactly like a man." Although there is no time to calm down.
In my silence for her future husband in silence, the accident happened. The company has just opened the annual meeting, the willow sister announced a formal farewell to the single! And with her, it was another music editor of their group. A usually looks calm and calm just graduated from college than her two year old boy. The body is also not her description of the male god 1/10000 light. I am very puzzled, these two people usually do not see how many intersection, how all of a sudden together?
Later, when the people in our group were invited to dinner, she listened to her talk about their story. Originally, in our unknown overtime at night, two people develop feelings. Little boy seems to be weak, in fact, very good to care about people. Work overtime late, will take the initiative to willow sister ordering, close to send her home. When two people working overtime occasionally free, small boys also picked up his guitar, playing a song in the office, prompting willow sister of intense interest. The little boy can speak a variety of cold jokes, often give her happy laugh. God is far but not fondle Yan’s dream, and around this is the intimate person long accompanied. After willow sister recognized this point, two people together in a logical. For those non said before God is not married, defend the male god’s determination, seems to become less important, or even think of it later, a little bit funny childish means.
The fact that you can see, really like a person, you are unable to predict and judge him is not your heart has been planning a hundred percent of the people. There is no so-called perfect in the world, those perfect just your heart to build up the city wall. One day, you will meet a person, he will use their own a pure heart, break your perfect. Let you be willing to come out from the walls.
I have been reminded of their own, in my young time inside, but also more than once fantasy, I like the future of his height, his career, his appearance. Then describe him in a variety of languages.
He wants to have a height of more than eight meters, the best can have Daniel Wu that handsome bright, smile can melt the world. Dress to clean and neat, gentle personality. The best can talk a good guitar, but also got on the hall, got under the kitchen.
Later, I like the boys, he should be able to understand me, know me, love me, and will do housework, can give me a sense of security. It is better to have a room to have a car, so that it will not feel the lack of security.
Later, I love the boy, as long as he can cherish me, care for me, but not too ugly enough.
However, later I found that I like the boys, and I imagined a completely different, each is not the same. Although I do not have and any one to go through life, but at least they all overturned some established rules have been in my heart.
And I am very glad that they did not because they do not meet their love, and thus missed each other, regret for life.
How to choose a person, this person is not to you for all you can accept certain restrictions and fetters. He is not a math problem, the formula to solve the open. What you call psychological settings, but you are the one that you draw a set of the cage, trap your thinking, trapped in your feelings, you are trapped in the choice of freedom.
Reality is not Virgo, not to the pursuit of perfection. Find a person who can bring you positive energy. Met to quickly grasp, do not feel that you are not in the heart of the same is wrong. You will always meet the person who will overthrow all of you, and give you a perfect ending to the end of your paper.

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