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Life kicks ass. Some of us have it easy, some definitely not.. is it fair? Fuck no, but it is what it is. The only thing to do, I think - is to live the FUCK outta it - give it your all, for the sake of those less fortunate, for the betterment of society, at whatever depth you find yourself, and feel gratitude ffs - don't be a snobby bitch about the thing :P

KNOW THIS:: There is ALWAYS going to be someone WORSE OFF than you - count blessings and Get On With It. Get Shit Done.

Uppity? Fuck yeah. Psh.

The world spins regardless of our puny flames.. however precious they are to us in particular, individually, and as a collective. To our loved ones. To our tribes. But the world, the days, fly past without our regard, our intention.

What, then, will you do? Fuck it, don't guilt up about it - just own it to yourself, and then you can change it - upgrade/w/e tf.


or so says a glitch...


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