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I am who I am never did or will care about anyones opinion take it or leave it Normal appreciate loyalty and honesty do not like people who lie I do not lie no reason for that worked security and fire safety 12 years of night shift so I am hard on trusting people I teach English to kids fix / make computers have a lot of things so I am gifted to talk to a huge variety of topics most I love music, the main reason why I learned and still learning foreign languages ( 8 so far) atheist I have no problem with the no-ones any orientation (sexual religion political ... etc) only when menu does not impose the same percent already have strong views about it like that i talk to people who know how to hold a conversation I want to meet new people is not the only reason that jerking your chain or flirt with anyone if something happens great if not to the same great and I am not interested in drama and bullshit 90% of people have removed so far from my life because once you betray me you don't exist for me anymore no second chances briefly and clearly


Star signAquarius
Height1.86 m
Weight80.0 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorbrown
Alcoholno alcohol
Foodall sorts of food
Religionatheist or agnostic
StatusI'm heterosexual and live with my parents
Childrenhave no children
Pos. characteristicsloyal honest
Neg. characteristicsstubborn


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