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The saddest times, the saddest things

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A place where feelings stood alongside walls. Horses pull, it's time we got off of them and pulled our own weight with a futuristic departure in our eyes. It's lot like missing a relevant person or a genius who walked everywhere especially in untimely strolls of ill genius at the local park or flub. And some that do exist in our time are either un-found or are in different skin. Look closer, pay attention, pay no mind to them for our mundane existence are far greater than theirs. They will be gone soon. A person totally unrelated who shares the same emptiness in clothes of other in land of another and well, time ... I too will be gone in the history of the unknown with the not known, frozen hand on limbs with the living trees and far far away from the breeze of mankind.
A dissimilar forefront of colorless backdrop. Tune your instruments, adjust your vocal chords and sing sorrow.

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