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Leo sings a song

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tune-smith: untidy minds, morally bankrupt
building buildings without windows or window ledges

sitter: violently objectionable, the grain of truth is certainly there

tune-smith: but only later on i saw this coming, the latest earliest.
stings and arrows thrown

sitter: all over the world it seems

leo: not remotely anywhere near poetry and squalor films

tune-smith: northern?

leo: they call them kitchen sink dramas

sitter: sad and sore point, hardly

tune-smith: like the odd gracious letters, hmmm slipped into the
cocktail dress syndrome

sitter: they've not changed, heart nor noodle.
deep and distant period that come to fruition

tune-smith: bath soprano if you like, riotously successful
treasurable intimacy, enormously powerful

sitter: roundabouts 1966, may as well be 1699, serious cemented link

leo: but for me it went completely against the grain, it was quite a pleasure less
experience, I didn't like it. It was like doing widow twanky pantomime or something

sitter: you're a bird

leo: precisely, worth its ilg and ernst

sitter: twisted wheel

tune-smith: to look right on the right occasion.
bath soprano (laughs)

Leo sings.

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