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I always had this question on my mind.


Still no answer.

September 29th, 2016 18:24

No answer in that short film anyway :smile: Mathematics isn't based on the empty set, and the empty set isn't the same as nothing. It is the set containing nothing, which is something different from nothing. Beware the influence of John von Neumann - probably one of the three most brilliant mathematicians of the last 100 years, but a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

Along what lines have you been thinking about the question?


Well, Mathematics is not really my area! But yes, there's a strangeness in what we call reality, because at each point of the world, at different hours in different point of the globe, all people have a different notion of what is real or not.
And there's the question too. The way we see things is different, so we all live in different realities. Or not? There are a huge number of questions we can ask about the topic, but I remember that when I was a child I had this sensation many times: I asked myself :"Is this real? Is that person really there?". It was really strange, but many times it happened. Now i can not feel it anymore.


What is it that we perceive but is "not real" - a dream? When I was little (maybe aged five) I could often control my dreams, which I found out in later life is called lucid dreaming. Could you do that too? I.e. dream something and relate to it as "real"?


They say that those lucid dreams happen when we wake up . We remember them for that fact. What I felt, no, was more like a dettachement of reality. I was there, but I was also in another plan questioning. It's really hard to explain.
Once I had a dream, I could very well remember it, surely not a "déjà vu" and that dream came true, the year after. There are so many things yet, we have as certain, but they are not. Everything is changing and moving at every second, whatever the concept of time may be, too.

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