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I attempted to post something yesterday about an event that happened Monday morning but I didn't finish it and my phone lost connection with my internet so I will have to start that one again. In the meantime, here is a quick story that happened just now.

Normally I am not an assertive person. Many of the customers that I didn't enjoy left my cab not knowing that I was extremely disappointed. But once in awhile I speak up when there is a force working against me.

I had an average ride with average club goers. The party of 3 consisted of two blonde women and one guy that I gathered was the significant other of one of the young ladies. They were Irish and by their own admission pretty drunk and ready to call it a night. The ride was not long and no one paid any attention to me. I don't mind those rides but I prefer people who talk to me and not just among themselves so this ride was going to end as quick as I could make it end. These rides are not as profitable either because it's easier to stiff someone that you don't even see as a hardworking person but as some entity that was in and out of your life pretty quickly. As the ride ends, thankfully the gentleman volunteers to pay. As he is figuring out how much to leave as a tip on the credit card machine, his girlfriend quickly uses her finger to remove the amount and said to him, you don't have to do that. He replied I always tip when I'm here. Now I didn't have to say anything but I figured this would be a great learning experience for this young lady who obviously doesn't know much about the world except what goes on in her little bubble. I told very nicely that cab drivers in Vegas work on tips and count on them so if she could stop trying to talk him out of tipping, that would be great. Now was I trying to sound condescending? Absolutely. It was especially great when the boyfriend said, see, I told you. Now he might not get laid tonight but I'm sure it's worth it to win an argument. She gave me a bitch face the rest of the time I could see her but I'm happy that I said what I said.

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