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Oh, ms. Jones.....

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I read a news article yesterday that things are getting worse for Leslie Jones. She was hacked. And the culprits got what every celebrity seems to like to do when they log off a Twitter for a split second, nude photos. Why are even ugly celebrities doing this? Before anyone gets all upset because I'm the latest person to be mean to Leslie Jones, get over it. I wear glasses but I'm not blind. She's the heir apparent to whoopi Goldberg and I'm not talking in comedic talent although I personally never found whoopi to be that funny. I am curious about one thing. Did someone actually ask for these photos to be taken or did she just want to document her body for future generations? Look, this is coming from a guy who doesn't take nude photos because of the little interest people have in seeing me naked. Considering all the negative comments her looks get on social media, there's not a high demand for her to be doing this. That said, every celebrity with a Twitter or instagram account that gets hacked deserves it. What kind of asshole thinks the public wants to hear every thought in his/her head? We used to have real celebrities in this country. Dean Martin wouldn't live tweet the Olympics showing off his ignorance and poor grammar. Humphrey Bogart wouldn't take a selfie with Lauren bacall at brunch along with a picture of his eggs Benedict.

August 25th, 2016 12:03
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