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Unfortunately they don't have a credit card

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We have ride share companies in las Vegas now. It's driving me to do something else along with some of my friends that have been cab drivers for years but that's a different blog.
I know there is one crowd that will remain loyal to cabs but it would be nice to never take them. The drug addict crowd. I'm not talking about the guy who goes to meetings because he knows that he has a problem. I'm talking about the kind of drug addict that never changes his clothes, that sleeps whenever he gets sleepy usually behind a dumpster and that every moment of his life is spent thinking about the next high. Yeah, those customers will never do ride share. They can't be expected to be ready when someone shows up to pick them up and they can't manage a bank account or a credit card. So here we are, the unsung heroes of the downtrodden. Who else will take meth heads from a 7-11 to a pair of random cross streets for no reason except in his head? Who else will stay silent during arguments about where someone's 5 dollar went when it was just there yesterday? The las Vegas cab driver!

September 21st, 2016 10:54
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