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September 3rd, 2016

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I have been considering knowledge, for one of my courses. Over the last two weeks we have been studying Adler, a script from a television series that he did. In it, there were interviews where they discussed and argued the existence of knowledge separate from opinion.

Does knowledge exist, or is everything relative to opinion? It may seem clear cut, but is it also true that the more strongly we feel about something – the more likely that we are incorrect and it is opinion?


September 3rd, 2016 06:54

Creating an opinion is a way to understand just parts of knowledge, I believe.


One needs knowledge to turn on their PC...that`s not an opinion . Knowledge is taught from others and learnt by oneself.


Adler makes some interesting arguments, which seem quite logical as to deffierentiatung in between opinion and knowledge. Such as:
Knowledge is true, whereas opinion can be true, or false.

Knowledge cannot be denied and is not of free will, whereas opinion gives free will.

Knowledge is explainable with evidence, whereas the more of an opinion you have, the more it relies on emotion.

So. Those are just a few. But it is interesting. I used time as a public policy that is both opinion and fact. How we keep time is explained by one equation, but the need for a second equation explains the inconsistencies of our time keeping. <3


Differentiating *


Fact/knowledge. Eh...


I am different
You are different
We are different
They are different
We could all be differentiating until nothing is classified as true or false.
Mike, circa Septmeber 3/2016


And a deeper explanation is of course offered in the submission. I write about how we follow the rules of time, mostly without understanding the explanation or evidence. So...according to Adler that would be an opinion. But for those who know the equations it is knowledge. Adler believes that unless you personally (the claimed of knowledge) can explain the information it is a "right opinion." Only knowledge when you are familiar with the evidence.


Ekim-and that is such a valid and correct "opinion!"


Any knowledge is tainted by opinion , history is written by the victorious . It s inherent in our makeup .The trick is to identify and derlve beyond opinion .

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