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September 5th, 2016

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Last night, I spent a solid hour upset with some yoghurt. Seriously. Who puts peppers in yoghurt with blackberries? Who does that?! *stares blankly at noosa* I’m told it is a hipster thing. I don’t know about *any* of that. All I know, is it was gross. I wish I had read the label. I ended up being as angry with myself as I was the yoghurt, due to my inability to fully read a label, apparently. I got overly excited about the blackberries. *sigh* Waste of 3 bucks.

Seriously. I was livid with that yoghurt. I sat there and glared at it, for quite a bit.

September 5th, 2016 02:17

I punish my rice crispies for getting lippy! Make em' sit in the milk! Mass punishment for my breakfast cereal!


She whips the eggs and beats the batter too .




peppers are just bad all around. :hammer:


Nonono peppers are very healthy just not a sweet




Jalapeno is the way to go

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