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Looking for a womanBalloons make crummy mates they always get bored and float away....F$CK You balloons. The internet has turned everyone into attention whores and sluts. Tired of the insanity. I want to crawl in the darkest hole and never come out. I hope there is more to life than this. What is the point when the result is always slammed doors and massive depression. Over and over and over ....What is the point?


Year of birth
Height1.77 m
Weight88.7 kg
Alcoholno alcohol
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in my own domicile
Childrenhave no children
RelationshipI like cookies
Pos. characteristicsNot dead. Fast
Neg. characteristics2 many..sometimes burns itself down for no reason...risk.


Favorite books
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Favorite movies
Favorite drinks
Goals in life
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