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Life is not like a train moving on rails. It is like a river running from beautiful mountains towards the ocean. East or West the taste of the ocean is the same everywhere. the law of evaporation does not differ in different countries. The law of birth and death is the same for all... how then can our inner being be governed by different laws and truths? There is no geography in the world of the soul hence there are no differences of direction, and there are no borders. Differences as such originate in the mind and he who is divided in differences of the mind cannot attain to the indivisibility of the soul.
There is a tale. "A fish was fed up with hearing the name of the ocean again and again. One day she asked the queen of fishes "I have been hearing the name of the ocean for so long but what is this ocean? And where is it?"
The queen said "In the ocean is your birth your life your very world. The ocean is your very 'isness'. The ocean is within you and without you. You are made of ocean and in ocean is your end. The ocean surrounds you every moment."
This is the ocean in which you are living. Around you there is, just like air, the cosmic consciousness; you can't see it, but it is continuously nourishing you


Star signAquarius
Height1.75 m
Weight68.0 kg
Hair colorblack
Eye colorblack
Smokeoccasional smoker
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in a flat share
Relationshipin love with dewdrops
Pos. characteristicsacceptance
Neg. characteristicsacceptance


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