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When u argue u assert. assertion is violence nd the truth cannot be known by an aggressive mind the truth cannot be discovered by violence. u can come to know the truth only when u are in love but lov never argues. There is no argument in lov because there is no aggression. remember, not only was that man a professor of philosophy u r also the same. Every man carries his own philosophy and every man in his own way is a professor bcause u profess ur ideas u believe in them

Faces may change but they cannot be expressionless

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You cannot put on a mask of truth. Truth has to be awakened. I have heard about a woman who was ugly. She would break a mirror if someone held it before her. She would say, 'From where did you bring such a bad mirror? It makes my face absolutely ugly.' 'The mirror is bad.' We also like to break all the mirrors but we are not prepared to change our faces. But the face is not changed by breaking the mirror. life is not changed by breaking mirrors. What I mean by a mask is that we should not put on false faces upon our real face. It does not mean that we shall not change faces in our life because we shall change them every day throughout life but those changed faces should be yours. When there is darkness in life tears will certainly come in our eyes. If a friend dies tomorrow tear will certainly come and if a friend, separated for a long time, meets us tomorrow, our hearts will certainly throb with delight and we might begin to sing and dance. Our face should change every moment. it should be responsive but that face should be yours. I do not say that you should maintain only one face throughout. If you do so it would be a face of stone.
I have heard. somebody approached an American millionaire for alms. The man asked for a small gift but that millionaire said, 'I have formulated a rule for giving alms and gifts. One of my eyes is artificial. it is made of stone and the other is real. And I only reward that person who can point out the artificial eye but nobody has been successful in this test until now. You can try. That man looked into the eyes and said, 'Your left eye is artificial.' The millionaire said, 'You have surprised me, how did you know it?' The man replied, 'Your left eye shows some mercy, so I thought this must be stone. Faces may change but they cannot be expressionless. Only the faces of dead people can be without any expression. those of living cannot be so...

October 7th, 2016 10:47
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