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When u argue u assert. assertion is violence nd the truth cannot be known by an aggressive mind the truth cannot be discovered by violence. u can come to know the truth only when u are in love but lov never argues. There is no argument in lov because there is no aggression. remember, not only was that man a professor of philosophy u r also the same. Every man carries his own philosophy and every man in his own way is a professor bcause u profess ur ideas u believe in them

Attitude of Gratitude

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It is not strange that i love you because i am a weak servant, but it is strange that you love me when you are the king of kings...

Anger is like a strong wind. it calms down after a while, but lots of branches are already broken.

The OCEAN is same for all but some find pearls, some find fishes and some just find their feet wet. Life is common for all but we can only get what we try for...

October 8th, 2016 07:12
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