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When u argue u assert. assertion is violence nd the truth cannot be known by an aggressive mind the truth cannot be discovered by violence. u can come to know the truth only when u are in love but lov never argues. There is no argument in lov because there is no aggression. remember, not only was that man a professor of philosophy u r also the same. Every man carries his own philosophy and every man in his own way is a professor bcause u profess ur ideas u believe in them

Real Self is the self of the Whole

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People talk of conquering nature conquering this and that. how can we conquer nature? we are part of it. How can the part conquer the Whole? See the foolishness of it the stupidity. we can be with the Whole in harmony or we can be in conflict with the Whole in disharmony. disharmony results in misery harmony results in bliss. Harmony naturally results in a deep silence joy delight. Conflict results in anxiety anguish, stress, tension.
the ego is nothing but all the tensions that you have created around yourself and in the first place there is no need to create it but why does man go on creating it? there must be some reason. why does everybody go on creating the self? the real self is unknown... that's why. and it is very difficult to live without a self so we create a pseudo-self a substitute self. the real Self is unknown. In fact the real Self never becomes absolutely known it remains mysterious it remains ineffable indefinable. the real Self is so vast that you cannot define it and the real Self is so mysterious that you cannot penetrate it to the very core. the real Self is the self of the Whole. It is not possible for human intellect to penetrate to ponder to contemplate it.

October 13th, 2016 08:34
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