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EGO is the barrier

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The real religious man is like a green tree in fact, more like green grass. That's how mystics defines the religious man : they r like the grass. Let the wind come and the grass bows down falls on the earth, is not in any way fighting with the wind. Why fight it? We are part of one organic unity the wind is not our enemy. The grass bows down the wind is gone and the grass is back again dancing. The wind has been a help. it has taken all the dust away. The grass is greener fresher. it enjoyed the whole play with the wind. But a big tree... EGOISTIC, stiff, rigid, unable to bow down, will fall in the strong wind and will not be able to get back again. it is bound to be miserable. A man of character is always miserable. His only happiness is that he is a man of character that's all. And what does character have to do with religion? You may eat something you may not eat something you may drink something you may not drink something else you may smoke you may not smoke.... Such trivia is thought to be of immense value. And you practice it and what do you mean by practicing it? it must be a repression and a man who represses is bound to be miserable because all that he has repressed is struggling within him to come back... to be powerful again...

January 19th, 2017 10:22
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