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Emptiness is the original face

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When you start thinking on that "What is your original face?" Naturally you have to deny all your faces. Many faces will start surfacing childhood faces when you were young when you became middle-aged when you became old when you were healthy when you were ill.... All kinds of faces will stand in a queue. They will pass before your eyes claiming, "I am the original face." And you have to go on rejecting. When all the faces have been rejected and emptiness is left. you have found the original face. Emptiness is the original face. Zero is the ultimate experience. Nothingness or more accurately NO-THINGNESS is your original face. it is like, our politicians have one thousand and one faces and everyone has many faces. When you talk to your husband or wife you have one face when you talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend you have another face when you talk to your servant still another when you talk to your boss still another. Just watch the whole day how many faces you have! And God seems to be very poor... only some faces? How does he manage with only some faces? The problem is that the periphery cannot win. Ultimately only the centre can win. But the periphery can delay postpone. the periphery can waste time and life and energy. If you go on living on the periphery and just go on pretending, not really living, you will have many faces but you will not have your original face...

January 20th, 2017 07:18
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