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In the United Kingdom, attendance at football matches is associated with the ingestion of traditional football foods like Bovril and meat pies. Food and beverage sales in arenas can raise incomes for teams, plus some teams make their support to improve and diversify out of conventional foods. In Brazil, sanduíche de calabresa (pepperoni sandwich) is a popular meal in the nearby places of stadiums. In Mineirão stadium, feijão tropeiro, a normal dish from Minas Gerais, is very common. In Germany, drink and bratwurst beers are eaten by several soccer enthusiasts. In Argentina, choripan (a sandwich with grilled chorizo with crusty bread) and grilled hamburgers can be served in arenas. Before, many different pizza without cheese was served, which is currently called pizza de cancha (“pitch pizza”). In Spain it is hardly unusual to eat sunflower seeds throughout the match. Although perhaps not in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, but especially in Sarajevo ćevapi are normally found to be sold around the stadiums before and after the matches and also you could find people selling pepita and juices in front of the entry of the arena as well as about the stands during the match.
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In many nations with drinking culture soccer was associated with alcohol consumption. With drinking occurring inside the arena, occasionally illicitly, in addition to in pubs and taverns outside this can be before, during and after the game. Nevertheless, unwanted behaviour caused by drinking has led to the banning of the sale of alcoholic beverage to general supporters in stadiums across the United Kingdom, even though most English and Welsh sides continue to promote alcohol within general arena areas, with only clubs in Scotland being subject to a blanket ban following rioting after the 1980 Scottish Cup Final. Sales of booze still occur in lounges. Nations and some teams have Supporters Clubs which have drinking reputations that are friendly. Nevertheless some states tend to be more linked with hooliganism as stated in the violence area below. More recently research has cast doubt on the effectiveness of alcohol restrictions on lessening the possibility of violence and disorder, particularly demanding English football supporters view: Heysel Stadium disaster.

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