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Sometimes I wonder why do people get attracted to one another. We generally say opposites attract, but if that was the case, why do people fight and break up? Don't we fight and break up because we are not in tune with each other?

Then there is something called blind attraction. We may not be knowing too many things about some people, but the few things that we know about them makes us strongly attracted towards them. Being sapiosexual is the highest level of blind attraction, literally, but the most convincing too. Blind attraction is like taking a leap of faith, hoping that the other person will be exactly as you intend him or her to be.

Whatever may be the type of attraction, it is like an old wound which is only going to get more toxic if you do not accept and do something about it. Turning a blind eye on something does not mean that it does not exist. You are simply choosing to pretend that it does not exist. It is not a shame to accept that you are attracted towards someone. It is not going to do any harm. Rather it is just going to help you to be sane.

It does not mean that all attractions end up in a stable relation. Accepting it helps us to know where we stand in the other person's life. Sometimes it is just important to reveal that you are attracted so that you do not end up in a awkward situation in the future. An attraction can lead to strong friendship, love, lust, marriage and even animosity. It is the law of nature that everything has two aspects, the good one and the bad one. It is up to us to choose which way to go.

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1 comment

Animosity is antithesis of Attraction, preternatural, but happens at times!
Amazing thoughts of a prolific wordsmith :))

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