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Respecting a women will only make you a better man

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Why is that if a women is in any online chat platform, men expect that she is available for pickup? What makes you think that any women you see online will be ready to sleep with you?

If that is your definition be being macho, then its time that you wake up from the deep sleep. We women are not fishes in the pond so that we can come and trap a bunch of us to cool down your hormonal imbalances.

I am sure there are many other places in the world which does exactly as you expect. You should get mature enough to understand that the world does not revolve around you. Even animals have a basic instinct to leave a female if she indicates that she is not interested. I wonder if some men lost this basic common sense when they got an additional sense compared to animals.

I sometimes feel that may be there are been a role reversal between some men and animals, with dressing sense being the only difference.

Respecting a women will only make you a better man.

#womenpower #respectwomen #commonsense

October 5th, 2016 13:37

An amazing oeuvre!


All of the people here are talking about men like monsters :/
Honestly , I am getting to hate my gender

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