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Karma is a bitch

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What goes around, comes back. Things that you do in life expecting that it will not do any harm to you, tend to come back and haunt you. People say it as a circle of life, but I rather see it as a boomerang effect or sometimes as a reverse boomerang effect.

Sometimes there are things that we do and try to get away from it. You try to get away from it as far as you possible, but then life will bring you back to the very moment where you had started to run away from it. It is like your karma was always there in the same place, but you, on the other had, ran away from it as far as possible, took a turn and came back to it, like a reverse boomerang effect.

Then, there are moments in life where you do some things expecting that it will be OK to get away with. But this just passes on from one point to another, giving you an illusion that it is going farther, until it comes back to haunt you when you are least expecting it, like a boomerang effect.

Life has no reverse button. Whatever you do in life, stays forever. Good things do good in return, but bad things do worse.

Karma.... is indeed a bitch

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