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Just Aussie Things

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OH WHAT A DAY! 21Hrs to drive there and back in one day

The trip - oh my
Dash Lights Over Bumps
The weapon of choice :D
flat nothing...
Bugs on a screen :P More driving
Fkn weird country
Sun on Trees
Sun playing tricks on rocks 1
Tricks on rocks 2
Tricks on rocks 4
Tricks on rocks 3
Most of a tiny town
Random palm trees
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Wow! I wonder if your gov. is accepting American refugees .......Some of us are thinking about making a change and Australia has always seemed interesting......
Great photo's I feel like I've been on a short road trip driving on the wrong side of the road and it made it even more exciting.
Strange light on the rocks.......maybe ghosts
Do you have an idea what the hazy light is? looks almost like a beam but with different
Nice blog Quirk
thanks for the road trip *)


was the trip to go get some Kangaroos? or koalas? or that weird rat you like ..keep forgetting how its called..capa something.. lol.. beautiful country..


I was wondering what the cage was for as well?


lol djin you'll have to google US + AU situations :P I'm not sure, but as you can see, i'm sure we've got room for plenty of peeps!!

Lol the pics were in a moving car from a shaky camera phone - but meh, the point came across :D

The ghosts I dunno - as I said, shit was in motion and through glimpses in the trees etc


ha AJ the cage was just for furniture - no live things :P saw SHITLOADS of roos though, mostly roadkill - so many dead things lol - but wrong country for koalas :D

The gloriousness of capybara can't be experienced in Australia, so that will happen with Miss_L in South America, where they DO exist :D

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