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So so much STUFF

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Was sitting down to work and spin etc and realized I have acquired quite the collection around my puter/work situation

tricks n treasures between keyboard n monitor
Left of monitor -- more tricksy things

Laptop users miss out :P No where to hoard toys, tricks and treasures

September 23rd, 2016 05:23

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Reminds me of a Ravens nest.


quite a collection you got there my dude ;)


It's funny how other peeps "stuff" on a desk top can look like art.
The random, intimacy of things strewn about is like looking
at something cool in a museum and trying to fix a story that
relates to it and the owner of the objects.


lol there are quite the stories assembled just here :P hours of fun for a person who needs to fiddle with something when they do stuff xD


I wanna know what secrets are in your lil black book.

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