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There was No love in my family , In 1959 we all 5 kids and pop and his wife moved150 miles out toward bone dox. e all done very steady hard work on rebuilding this old 12 cabin called Rock Garden Court It took 9 years to rebuild this place with adding on a 4 bed room House. I was the youngest out of 5 most had ran away from home at the age of 15 i was the only one left and also my dad went threw 3 wives and two girlfriends in tat 10 years the place burnt down 1968. In 1969of Dec I turned 17 and i told my Dad to ither sihgn the paper work for me to go in Army ? Or i would disaper. Jan 1970 the 8 bth day i was sworn in to the Army to fight the Viet Nam War 1974 I became a Mo. What they called Out law Truckers There were around 600 of us semi trucks just in Mo. An out law Truck Driver Had be be a responsible man to keep his semi and refrigerated unit going. Life time on produce inside a refrigerated Trl is in most cases no more then 4 days , But in reality it should be off by three days . In 1970 threw 1986 the biggest part of us ran our own truck's with us being the only driver. We would average 3 to 4 Total 200,040 miles per mo. ARE IF ONLY THREE LOADS YOU JUST TAKE OFF AROUND 5 THOUSAND AND 40 MILES PER AVERAGE TRIP
. WE RAN OVER WEIGHT BECAUSE A LOT OF HEAVY PRODUCE ,:WOULD PAY BY WEIGHT. A lot of Dot laws and State to State Laws started changing Transportation laws. Any way i was one of those dedicated Long Distant Truck Drivers . Out of all thoses years there was one time in Ohio it got down to 17 below and i had full load 800 cartons of lettus I worked on that unitb 4 ohours truble shotting the probnlem . It would stop running after being in 11 degre because disel fule ststted what they call jelling it starts getting thick like Jelow any way this is only one percent of my so caaled life. Have been such a steady hard working Man i dont no how to relax can,t sit still my I mhave never took any type of a Vacation in my lifew-0 Vacation

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Looking for a womanHi all you sweet women , I am a retired long distant truck driver and now have time to find my sole mate to enjoy my retirement life with . I love to go to flea markets yard sales and now and then a movie and dinner,Perhaps a nice evining walk in a moon lite nite .


Star signSagittarius
Height1.77 m
Weight81.9 kg
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorgreen
Alcoholsocial drinker
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in my own domicile
Childrenhave no children
Relationshipsingle and searching
Pos. characteristicsI am a true lover, And dedicated.
Neg. characteristicsN/A


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