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2 guys show up at heavens gate, a Newfie & shakespeare, St Peter's working the gate & say's "Ok guy's wait here I'll be back in a minute". So he goes & gets on the holy telephone & calls up God. "God I have a problem there's two guy's at the door & there's only room for one more what should I do?" God: "well St Peter you've been working there long enough I'll leave that up to you" St peter kind of want shakespeare in, he's walking back & comes up with an idea so he say's "Ok guy here's the scoop you have 10 minutes to run off into the cloud & think of a poem but it has to end with Timbuktu . So off they go & 10 minutes later they both return so St Peter say's to shakespeare "lets hear your poem, so Shakespeare say's "I traveled far across the land through miles & miles of burning sand a caravan came in to view there destination Timbuktu" St peter was over welmed & starts almost dragging him through the pearly gates & the Newfie say's "Ay bye don't I get a chance?" St Peter's got to be fair so he say's Ok lets hear your poem, so the Newfie say's " Me & Tim a huntin we went we saw three hookers in a tent they was three & we was two so I bucked one & Tim bucked two" Please be from Toronto/Scarborough the GTA or at least in Canada in


Birthday20 December
Star signSagittarius
Height1.77 m
Weight68.2 kg
Hair colorlight brown
Eye colorbrown
Alcoholsocial drinker
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual
Childrenchild/children have left home
Pos. characteristicsHappy healthy with a zest for life & all it has to offer
Neg. characteristicsI swear to much & I like beer to much I talk to much


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