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September 23rd, 2016

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Oh I am on a venting spree right now I am kicking myself I go from. One end to another. In 2 seconds Flat I feel I bug shit out people. And they To nice to Tell ME Hello. That's what I need tell ME or I over think over react ( like now) I want something So Dang bad I over think It. I just need to Know all is well I am a planner not knowing when something May happen kills ME I want to know yesterday but not all are on my great line of thinking ( note to self my Thinking SUCKS)So let it go for Someone else ( easier said then done) it's ok to mess up ( Self No) logic yes this is my brain on myself highs lows. I want middle Grown I want everything to go the way I want it ( note to self not going to. Work) sometimes I feel Like. 2 people are in my mind. The logical Me and the not so logical Me ( I know) why do I feel that way I known Why but how do I get people to understand Me ( when I don't ) how can I let others love Me When at times I don't Love Me love Oh boy do I ever I feel nuts but I have No doubt which I love. I need to breathe being in this house by my self feeling alone knowing. I am not just breathe Vic okay. I just had a conversion. With myself lol nice. Vic 2 out.

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Welcome to the club called being human. You are no different than the rest of the world. People like ustheir keep the rest of them on their toes lol



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